Scholarship essays for high school sophomores

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High School Scholarships

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Super High School Scholarships

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High School Sophomores & Juniors › Preparing for College › College Planning: What to Do When › Senior Year To Do List; Fall. Continue to take a full course load of college-prep courses. Keep working on your grades. Make sure you've taken the courses necessary to graduate in the spring.

Write essays for colleges that require them. Fun and Unique Scholarships for High School Students. Three Sentences Scholarship: Three Sentence Essay Weekly Scholarship Company Providing Scholarship: Zinch Zinch allows students to learn about, get recruited by, and interact with more than colleges and universities from all over the world.

And it. The Minority Students in Veterinary Medicine Scholarship is for students currently enrolled in or accepted to a veterinary school in the United States.

According to the AAVMC, veterinary medicine, contrary to societal trends, remains one of the least diverse professions in the United States. The College Scholarship is available to students enrolled at an accredited high school, college or university.

You must have a minimum GPA and submit. Others require an official high school transcript, letters of recommendation and/or essays.

Students should always inquire about possible scholarships from the schools they want to attend. People who work for certain companies may also qualify for scholarship opportunities.

One is the High School Senior Scholarship Contest where ten scholarships worth $2, each are awarded to high school seniors.


The other scholarship is called the Second Chance Scholarship Contest. This is open to anyone “who has graduated high school or equivalency and wants to pursue a college degree or trade school education.”.

Scholarship essays for high school sophomores
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