Red desert antonioni essay

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Red Desert

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Red Desert

Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Red Desert,” fromwhich I discuss in the clip above, is the first film that he made in color. His approach to color. Red Desert, famously, is Antonioni’s first film to use the full chromatic palette, and was felt by his contemporaries to be an aesthetic breakthrough.

Color had been available to filmmakers for many years, of course, but up until the early s, serious drama, of the sort that European cinema excels at, was usually shot in black and white. Essay on life in a big city words related, essay about old age homes racial profiling in law enforcement essay bosch pst 50 essays ib biology extended essay experiments with dry ice george gershwin an american in paris analysis essay through the wormhole does time exist essay college liberal education essay georgical essays victor segalen.

Red Desert is a disturbing ambient drama about post-natal anxiety and the malaise of industrial society: a deeply depressed young mother Giuliana (Monica Vitti), whose husband Ugo (Carlo Chionetti. Michelangelo Antonioni’s s panoramas of contemporary alienation were decade-defining artistic events, and Red Desert, his first color film, is perhaps his most epochal.

This provocative look at the spiritual desolation of the technological age—about a disaffected woman, brilliantly portrayed Director: Michelangelo Antonioni. Antonioni once said of a Mark Rothko painting, “It’s painted anxiety.” There is much debate about Michelangelo Antonioni and cinematographer Carlo Di Palma ’s intentions for the highly controlled and extremely expressive use of color in Red Desert ().

Red desert antonioni essay
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