Essay contests homeschoolers

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Contests for Homeschoolers

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Contests & Scholarships: Detail

Homeschool student writing contests offer the chance to write about specific topics with the chance to win prizes or recognition.

The contests listed below offer a wide variety of incentives and topics for writing.

Writing Contests

15+ Writing, Spelling, and Language Arts Contests Open to Homeschoolers. Be sure to check eligibility and rules for homeschool participation in each contest. Events and Contests. Announcing Thomas More College of Liberal Arts Faith and Reason Essay Scholarship.

1st Prize: Two Full Tuition Scholarships for All 4 Years (Note from Stef Marsh—quite a few homeschoolers attend the contra dance in Wolfeboro on the fourth Saturday of each month). 5 Upcoming Contests for Homeschoolers. October 7, Here are a few contests open to homeschoolers coming up HSLDA Essay Writing Contest Looking for opportunities for eager (or maybe not so eager) writers?

Essay contests can be a great help in motivating your students to write. This year, HSLDA’s essay contest focuses on the theme. Designed to support the creativity and diversity of home-schooled students by helping them achieve their post-secondary educational goals, the Kalani Consulting Inc.

(KCI) hosts the Homeschool Scholarship Essay Contest specifically for homeschoolers. Contests for Homeschoolers. by Mary Ann Kelley. The annual John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest invites high school students from across the nation to write an original essay about an elected official who has demonstrated political courage.

5 Upcoming Contests for Homeschoolers

The contest is a companion program of the Profile in Courage Award, named for President.

Essay contests homeschoolers
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