Chapel of four chaplains national essay scholarship contest

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General Art Scholarships and Grants

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Four Chaplains

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Chapel of Four Chaplains. The Chapel of the Four Chaplains was dedicated on February 3,by President Harry S. Truman to honor these chaplains of different faiths in the basement of Grace Baptist Church of Philadelphia.

Inthat congregation moved to Blue Bell and sold the building to Temple University two years later. The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation has sponsored the National Student Scholarship Competition for students in grades 5th – 12th for more than 15 years.

Each competition is designed to challenge young people to understand and practice the values of inclusion, cooperation, and unity that were shown by the Four Chaplains. THE 51st ANNUAL FOUR CHAPLAINS DAY BANQUET.

Honoring THE FOUR CHAPLAINS & THE CREW OF THE USAT DORCHESTER. Along with our Gold Medallion recipient.

Chapel of four chaplains national essay scholarship contest
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